3D Printed Case

After building a number of plywood enclosures, I decided to design a case that could be 3D-printed out of plastic.
It's available here, along with the STL file if you wish to print it yourself. Or you can have a look at the FreeCAD design file.

Here are the printed parts I received from Shapeways:

The case is designed to be assembled without tools. Both the camera strap and bottom lid slide into matching slots:

The servo is held in place by 8 posts and a clip. The exit hole fixes the servo's output shaft to ensure proper alignment of the drive gears:

The circuit board is also aligned and held in place by posts. Foam packing keeps things from moving around. A shim of cardstock prevents the foam from pressing on the gyro chip. It's a tight fit:

Fully assembled:

Last updated 20 May 2013