Mounting and Setup

I've had good luck mounting my gyrocams using a simple ebay "camera tank mount bracket" like this:

They're available for different motorcycle models (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc.) and cost about $20. The bracket bolts onto the stock gas tank filler ring and provides a sturdy, easily adjustable platform for the camera:

For the gyrocam to work correctly it must be aligned dead level with respect to the horizon :

The easiest and most accurate way to align the mounting bracket is with a small carpenter's bubble level. Make adjustments with the bike's wheels on the ground, on level pavement, and with rider aboard to compress the suspension to its normal riding position.

For racing applications, the same bracket can be duct taped onto the tail fairing. I use a piece of cork underneath, to protect the paint and provide some vibration isolation:

Last updated 10 Mar 2013