Parts List


Printed circuit board design files (gerber files)
L3G4200D 3-Axis Gyro Carrier with Voltage Regulator
28 pin dip socket
3mm green led
push button
right angle slide switch
5V regulator
47uF capacitor
330, 1.2K, 10K resistors
.1" right angle headers
.1" straight headers

This list is for my original pc board. My redesigned board is here .


H2-425BB servo
servo gear
lens gear
rail mount, for use with plywood enclosure
laser printed plastic enclosure, complete
plans for plywood enclosure


software - version 1 (simple one-axis integrator)
software - version 2 (three-axis integrator using direction cosine matrix)
software - version 3 (improved responsiveness and recentering)
software - final version (merged contour and gopro code)

Last updated 28 Nov 2014